Art Quote of the Day

Monday, September 04, 2006

Art relocation

I am an artist who has been selling and showing work slowly but steadily over the last ten years since I got out of graduate school. Because I have had a teaching job during that time, I've had to juggle my teaching and art business activitities. I sold my house in AZ and moved back to my hometown in SC. I have a theory that, while moving to culturally active urban areas used to be the thing to do if you were starting out as an artist, this is no longer the case. I think that in order to survive in this debased fractured post-modern art market, small town America may be a better option for me. The cost of living is the main thing. I have many friends who have moved to larger urban areas and racked up considerable debt without really making much money selling their work. Can I manage and expand my art career from this remote location? I have a larger studio for less money and a much larger house than I had in AZ. I have a big chunk of money from selling my house in az with which I can promote my career. Will this work? David