Art Quote of the Day

Sunday, August 27, 2023

The heritage heroes trying to save traditional crafts

I've never found the sense of being terribly precious about a distinction between art and craft.  When it comes to some of these traditional crafts at risk of extinction, those who cannot see the artistry have a major blind spot. 

Paper marbling, bronze casting, rug tufting, chair making ... so much skill and beauty.

Read more in the original story in the Financial Times.

Stendhal syndrome: theft, passion and art’s captivating power


Interesting reviews of Michael Finkel's The Art Thief and Laura Cumming's Thunderclap in the always-excellent Financial Times:

" ... the nature of Breitwieser’s attachment to the artworks remains vague. Finkel describes him as a collector, which is like calling Bernard Madoff an accountant."

"It’s questionable whether works of art can make you ill — although Breitwieser’s thefts could be seen as a mania of sorts — but, as Cumming highlights, they can certainly be a balm."