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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Call for Submissions: Whose City Is Philadelphia?

What is the show about?
Whose City is Philadelphia? Is it the downtown or the neighborhoods, the corporations in skyscrapers or the families in row homes?

Whose needs, whose desires, whose dreams matter?
We are a city of many lives, many voices. Out of a shifting collage of performance, music, visual arts and poetry, we will gather stories that weave together our multiplicity and our common dreams.

Under the banner of this theme, artists will offer multimedia presentations reflecting the reality of our city, its life and its people, the achievements we celebrate and the problems that beset us.

How to be in the show: 
Submit what you'd like to display or perform at
It can be in .jpg, audio, video, or written format. If you only have a proposal ready of your project, please send and if accepted we will work with you on the presented version. We will jury your submission and notify you by June 1.

Artists who are accepted will have the opportunity to sell and promote their work and participants will share in the proceeds from ticket sales.

Deadline for submissions:
May 28, 2010. We'll notify you by June 15.

When is the show?
The Philadelphia Fringe Festival is held September 3-18, 2010.

Who Is Organizing the Show?
The Arts and Culture Collective of the Media Mobilizing Project (MMP), seeks to support and encourage a synthesis of art, social action and politics.

MMP aims to utilize independent media making as an organizing tool to build a broad vibrant network of social movements in Philadelphia, while developing capacities for communities to create their own media.

For more information contact: 
Pat Grugan -

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